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About Us

Afrix Engineering

Afrix Engineering Limited was incorporated in Dar es salaam,Tanzania in the year 2022. The company is Class Four certified with Contractors Registration Board (CRB) of Tanzania as a Building Contractor. It is also certified as Class Four Civil Works Contractor. During our first year, Afrix gained enough experience in both Civil and Building works as a Sub Contractor for various Chinese Companies in Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development Projects (DMDP) funded by World Bank Group. Our vision in the future portfolio is to be one of the giants local construction company in Tanzania..


The company’s mission is to satisfy our clients with our excellent, high-quality and sufficient construction services and products.


To be the preferred contractor of choice. A company that our customers want to work with and our employees are proud to work for.

How We do

Everything we do is possible because of our team.
We start with our employees.
The heart of our “Afrix engineering” company is building strong teams We believe in building things that last We will deliver consistent, high quality products and services to our customers.
We will get called back to do more work, not re-work

We believe in team work, our commitment, work ethics and professionalism.
We are well equipped with excellent facilities necessary for efficient execution of its operations in competitive and sustainable manner.
We have a strong team, well disciplined with diversity of qualifications.
Our Strength